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Social Senior: Activity Ideas

Activity Ideas: Four Benefits of Audiobooks for Seniors

Activity Ideas: Did you know that June is Audiobook Appreciation Month?

Audiobooks can be especially helpful for aging adults who face challenges of one type or another with reading or coming up with activity ideas. Here are just activity ideas and a few ways that audiobooks can enrich your senior’s life.

Social Senior: Activity Ideas
Social Senior: Activity Ideas

Lots of Audiobooks Are Available for Free

Buying audiobooks can seem expensive. But there are so many ways to borrow audiobooks for free, particularly from the library in your senior’s area. With so many audiobooks available via streaming options, your elderly family member doesn’t even have to go to the library directly or juggle multiple tapes or CDs. She can simply borrow the audiobook file and it automatically returns when her loan expires.

Your Senior Doesn’t Have to Hold a Book

Holding a book can sometimes be a huge impediment to reading more often, especially if your elderly family member has arthritis in her hands. If your elderly family member enjoys reading a lot, she can find that discomfort might win out more often over her desire to read. With audiobooks, your elderly family member doesn’t have to hold anything. She can use a headset or the speaker on her device to listen.

She Doesn’t Need to Use Her Eyes to Read

If your elderly family member’s vision is failing her, then audiobooks are a perfect answer. Your elderly family member doesn’t have to find her reading glasses or strain her eyes in order to immerse herself in a favorite story or to learn something new. Audiobooks give her a chance to listen to whatever she wants to listen to for as long as she wants.

Activity Ideas: Your Senior Can Do Other Things While She Listens

Lots of people who enjoy audiobooks find that they make it easy to do other things while they listen. Your elderly family member might reward herself for taking a walk by listening to audiobooks, for instance. Or she might enjoy listening to audiobooks while she eats a meal. Whatever it is that she wants to do is entirely possible while she listens.

If your elderly family member has trouble with technology, it might be helpful for her to have some assistance from home care providers with activity ideas and things like downloading and listening to audiobooks. That’s especially true if she has issues with her vision or mobility. Home care services can help her with so many other tasks, too, making her life easier and more enjoyable every day.

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