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Home Care in Saratoga CA: Brain Tumor Symptoms

Home Care – Early Symptoms of a Chronic Brain Tumor

Home Care: A tumor forms in the brain as abnormal changes to brain cells, called mutations, occur.

The tumor can form in any part of the brain and depending on where it grows, it can create a wide variety of symptoms for the person suffering from a brain tumor. For example, if the tumor is located near the optic nerve, it may lead to sight problems. A tumor located in the front part of the brain may cause your parent to struggle with concentration or thinking through a complete thought. Home care providers can keep an eye out for the symptoms.

Home Care in Saratoga CA: Brain Tumor Symptoms
Home Care in Saratoga CA: Brain Tumor Symptoms

Home Care: Because brain tumors often cause symptoms that seem unrelated to the brain, a brain tumor may go unnoticed for quite a while before the patient is diagnosed. Some of the more common symptoms of a brain tumor can include:

Home Care: Seizures

Numbness is a specific part of the body (location of numbness may be determined by where the tumor is located in the brain)
A headache that changes based on the time of day or the position of the head. For example, a headache that’s always there when your parent wakes up or occurs when your parent bends over.
Both you and your senior care provider can be on alert for any of these symptoms and should have your parent evaluated if he is suffering with any of these conditions. Other common symptoms that may occur are listed below. These will also be variable depending on the size and location of the tumor. Many of them are also symptoms of a lot of different health issues so while it may not be a brain tumor your parent is struggling with, the cause should try to be found as soon as possible.

Home Care: Nausea or Vomiting

If your parent doesn’t have any other cause for his nausea or is vomiting regularly, it can signal a brain tumor.

Home Care: Memory Loss

Sudden memory loss may not be noticed by your parent but if you or your senior care provider have noticed he’s not remembering things he used to remember easily, you’ll want to get it checked out.

Home Care: Muscle Weakness

A tumor that is in an area of the brain that controls muscle function may cause weakness in your parent’s body. If your parent is no longer able to perform tasks that he used to complete easily, you’ll want to have a doctor look into the reasons behind the weakness.

Speech Difficulty

If a tumor is located in the area of the brain responsible for speech, your parent may find his speech is affected.
Mood or personality changes
Brain tumors can cause people to act irrationally or have new personality traits that they have not exhibited in the past.
Unexplained tiredness
Cushing syndrome (a condition marked by weight gain)
Sometimes a tumor will start to secrete a hormone that will cause Cushing syndrome.


Bruising that seems to come out of nowhere may be an indicator of a brain tumor.

A large tumor can cause multiple symptoms as it creates pressure on numerous parts of the brain. It’s important to consult a medical professional to find the exact cause of any of these symptoms in your aging parent.

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