There are many caregivers in the world, but what separates the good ones from the great ones? There are some specific work habits and traits that great caregivers have which make them stand out.

Here are some of the main traits of a great caregiver:

  • Empathy and compassion. When working in a home, it’s crucial for a caregiver to feel like they want to help. This is a sign of having compassion and, more importantly, empathy. For the person being cared for, this shows them that they person caring for them wants to do it for reasons beyond a paycheck.
  • Patience.  Working with those who cannot care for themselves can test one’s patience. Caregivers who can put themselves in the shoes of their patient are the ones who succeed the most. It’s important to remember what it’s like for the person who is suffering.
  • Reliable. Simply put, you need to be counted on to be there. When a caregiver says they’ll show up on a certain day, then they don’t, their reliability plummets. Those in home care need a reliable caregiver.
  • Trustworthy. Those in home care are vulnerable due to inviting someone into their personal space around their valuables. Great caregivers never violate that trust and always respects the personal space of the patient.
  • Flexible.  People’s home care needs can change as unexpected events happen. Great caregivers can adapt to those changing conditions and continue caring for the patient.

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