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How Home Care Can Help Your Senior with Doctor Visits

April is Women’s Eye Care Month and it’s a great reminder of the importance in taking care of ourselves and those we love. While it is certainly important for men to focus on their eye health, there could be a number of unique circumstances that affect women differently than they could men. One of those areas involves health, including eye health. Here are a few things to consider about regular doctor appointments and how home care can help.

Elder Care in Mountain View CA: Doctor Visits
Home Care in Mountain View CA

Keep in mind that the older a person is, the more likely they will face some type of serious vision related problem, like cataracts or glaucoma. In fact, by the time someone reaches 80, there is a near certainty they will have dealt with cataracts in at least one eye.

While it may not be realistic for you to bring your elderly mother to an eye care professional if you live hundreds or even thousands of miles away, there are some things you can do.

Talk to her about home care.

If you are like most Americans and have heard about home care, you may assume it is more for those with direct needs, like limited mobility or someone with chronic health issues. However, a senior care provider can offer a wide range of support services, including transportation to and from doctors’ appointments.

That doesn’t imply that all home care aides will offer transportation, but a significant percentage of those who drive may very well be able to. If they don’t and work for an agency, that agency may have other transportation options.

Why so many seniors don’t go to appointments.

One of the primary excuses aging seniors have when asked why they don’t go to regular or recommended doctors’ appointments comes down to transportation. If they no longer drive, can’t get around on their own, or have difficulty with their personal mobility (ie. walking), they may not bother unless a friend, neighbor, or close relative is able to drive them.

Home care can be a wonderful asset for this elderly woman in your life who should be having her vision checked on a regular basis. Whether that is once every couple of years, once a year, or more frequently because of specific risk factors, it’s critical that she get there (and to other appointments) when they are recommended.

If you are unable to offer her a ride, look to home care. Your mother may also realize that having an experienced care provider in her corner offers comfort, especially if she is already dealing with some type of vision related challenge.

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