Senior Care: How To Help Your Senior Gain Weight

Senior Care in Sunnyvale CA: Weight Gain

Senior Care: No matter what your age, losing weight is a struggle. Losing weight at an advanced age is even more difficult. However, some seniors have the opposite problem- they are losing too muc...


Senior Care Tips: What Lifestyle Habits Commonly Cause Arthritis?

Senior Care Tips: Arthritis

Senior Care Tips: If your elderly loved one is in chronic pain, they might have arthritis. This is a common physical condition that many senior citizens have. Unfortunately, there are many lifesty...

Senior Care: Best Tips for Helping Senior Citizens Maintain Independence

Senior Care: Independence

Senior Care: Independence is something that many people look for. As people get older, they may need help with cleaning, doing laundry, getting groceries, and other basic tasks. This can be frustr...


How Home Care Can Help Your Senior with Doctor Visits

Home Care in Mountain View CA

April is Women’s Eye Care Month and it’s a great reminder of the importance in taking care of ourselves and those we love. While it is certainly important for men to focus on their eye health, there c...