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Home Care: Can Massages Help Your Elderly Loved One After They Had a Stroke?

Home Care: Massages are beneficial for so many reasons. If you are caring for your elderly loved one, it may be helpful to schedule massages for them.

If you aren’t sure whether this is something that could help your elderly loved one, read more about the benefits of this and other home care services today.

Reducing Anxiety and Stress

Does your elderly loved one experience high levels of anxiety or stress? If so, massages could help them. Research shows that deep tissue massages stimulate blood flow. They also help lower breathing and induce relaxation. These are all things your elderly loved ones might need if they are anxious or stressed. If you can’t take your elderly loved one to the massage appointments, you can get them 24-hour home care. Then, the caregivers can take your loved one to appointments in the morning or later in the day.

Home Care: Caregiver Services
Home Care: Caregiver Services

Boosting Mood

Massages can help your elderly loved one feel better, too. There are so many senior citizens who struggle with feeling down. If your elderly loved one is one of them, you should schedule regular massage appointments. These appointments can boost their serotonin levels, so they can feel happier.

Improving Sleep

Research also shows that massages can help improve a person’s sleep. If your elderly loved one doesn’t get great sleep, massages can help relax them. In some places, you can even book at-home massages. This way, your elderly loved one can get a massage shortly before they go to bed to help them fall asleep easier and stay asleep throughout the night.

Reducing Pain

Does your elderly loved one struggle with chronic pain? If so, this is likely affecting their mood, sleep, and other aspects of their life. Massages can help to reduce their pain levels by increasing blood flow and relieving tension in the muscles. In fact, many doctors highly recommend massage therapy to their pain patients.

Home Care: Conclusion

These are some of the ways that massage therapy can help your elderly loved one. If they have never received a professional massage before, you may want to talk to them about what to expect ahead of time. This way, they can be more relaxed and receive the most benefits from the sessions. If your elderly loved one likes getting massages and they seem to help, you or one of their 24-hour home care providers can take them to appointments regularly.

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