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Home Care Services in Saratoga CA: MS

Common Symptoms of MS Seniors And Families Should Know

March is MS Awareness Month and even though seniors are rarely diagnosed with MS it is possible for seniors to develop late-onset MS. Late-onset Multiple Sclerosis is when a senior over the age of 60 starts to show symptoms of MS. However, it can be tough for doctors to diagnose MS in seniors because many of the telltale symptoms of MS are also things that seniors tend to develop over time just as a natural part of aging or as a result of other medical conditions. Hiring a home care services provider to help navigate through these MS Symptoms

Home Care Services in Saratoga CA: MS
Home Care Services in Saratoga CA: MS

Some symptoms of MS that can manifest in seniors include:

Motor Function Deterioration

If you notice that your senior loved one starts to have trouble with motor function tasks like holding things, gripping things, picking things up, or walking or moving their limbs that could be a sign of MS. It could also be another condition like Parkinson’s. Sometimes motor function issues in seniors escalate quickly but most often they occur slowly over time. You may not notice the gradual deterioration of your senior loved one’s ability to do things like pick up a glass or comb their hair. If your senior loved one has a home care assistance provider ask them to watch carefully for any signs of motor function deterioration. If the home care assistance provider sees any motor function decline you should get your senior loved one checked out by a doctor.


Fatigue is a very general symptom that could indicate any of dozens of health conditions. But if you see that your senior loved one has increased fatigue in addition to poor motor function and other symptoms of MS that’s when you should get your senior loved one to a doctor. The combination of all the symptoms should give the doctor a better idea of what is going on with your senior loved one.


Just like fatigue headaches are a very generic symptom. But when headaches become very frequent or very severe and they occur with other symptoms of MS it’s time to get your senior into the doctor’s office. There are no specific tests for MS. But your senior loved one’s doctor can perform a series of tests and scans, including an MRI, to see if your senior loved one shows any of the typical signs of MS. Your senior loved one’s doctor may also want to do tests to rule out other conditions.


Tremors are a common symptom of MS. However, they are also a common symptom of Parkinson’s. And Parkinson’s is much more common in seniors than MS. If you notice that your senior loved one is starting to have tremors in their hands they need to be seen by a doctor so that the doctor can figure out what the cause is. The course of treatment that the doctor recommends will be based on what is causing the tremors so the doctor needs to get an accurate diagnosis first. Then they will focus on how to help your loved one feel better.

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